Fashioned by Nature – Fresh into the New Year SCI was a great success. Surrounded by great friends and new acquaintances, we were bubbling with gratitude. Thank you all for visiting with us in Reno, NV. and the great hospitality. We are looking forward to seeing you all in 2020.

It’s been a very busy 2018 into 2019 and how time flies. Our Winter Fur Trapping Campaign was very successful, even with record cold temps. We swung into Spring with so many orders and activities, we have not had the time to keep you posted on developments. It’s time to get back to some BLOGGING so you can reach us and see how we are doing

A product of long traditional use, wild fur is a renewable natural resource, valued by many for its beauty, durability, and natural qualities. The fur and trapping industry is highly regulated to ensure humane management of animal populations. In fact, ethical hunters and trappers are key to healthy wildlife and ecosystems, helping to prevent overpopulation and being aware of early warning signs that a species is in trouble. 

Fur is only one of many values that people attribute to furbearers. People have continuously used furbearers in North America for clothing, food and religious ceremonies for the past 11,000 years. The durability and luxury of real wild fur clothing and products mean they are a wise and ethical choice.

Looking forward to keeping you posted on our up and coming campaigns. Feel free to connect with us anytime.

FurWest - Fashioned by Nature
FurWest – Fashioned by Nature