It’s the beginning of March and with all things brand new we are pleased to introduce our logo!

Just as the sun has given life since the beginning of time nature has provided us with fur, not only for survival, but also for luxurious comfort and fashion.  This life-nourishing synergy of sun, nature, and fur is captured in our bold yet elegant label; an enduring image for timeless creations.

The gold sunset in the west offers the dynamic radiance of warmth, and the deep grey foreshadows the cold night ahead with fur to provide warmth and comfort from the elements. The specific golden tone further alludes to the smoke tan moose hide used in many of our products. This ancient art form with strong connections to the land creates a highly coveted quality of hide used in the creation of clothing and footwear.

We ensure the pelts we use are graded to the highest standard by taking wild fur during the coldest part of winter. These elements are symbolized through the whiteness of the foreground combined with a natural wave that characterizes both drifts of snow and the fur of many pelts.

The fonts used in our wordmark combine both traditional serif and bold sans-serif elements; classical and modern in perfect harmony.

Bold, meaningful, and elegant says it all.