Fall is here and in the North there is a slight skiff of snow on the ground. It’s a perfect day to sit by the fire book in hand, relaxing in this luxurious Coyote Fur throw.

Trapping season officially begins here in October. It is important to know that Trapping is practiced almost everywhere in the world for a variety of reasons. Trapping provides food and income, protects property, habitat and human health. Wildlife management is key to the sustainability of our natural resource. Thanks to excellent regulations governing our industry, the modern well-regulated fur trade is ethical and furs taken from the wild come from abundant populations.

Following its start some 400 years ago, the commercial Fur Trade continues to use plentiful Canadian resources in a sustainable and responsible manner. The Fur Trade remains an important contributor to Canada’s economy and ecology.

Luxurious Wild Coyote Fur Throw

Enjoy a beautiful luxurious wild Coyote Fur Throw