We are inspired by the Canadian North

This wilderness is our home, our muse, and our passion.

Our fur comes from the abundant wilderness.

We are ethical hunters & trappers, stewards of this great land.

Nature is precious and deserves protection.

We are committed to sustainability & biodiversity.

We come from Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

We have been hunters and trappers on this land for a long time. We deeply understand this place, its inhabitants and the responsibility we have to both. We bring all our passion for this wilderness to creating beautiful fur clothing and home décor products from wild beaver, coyote, fox, muskrat, fisher, lynx, marten, otter and wolf pelts and tanned moose hide.

Beaver dam
Northern Saskatchewan sunset

Wild fur, an ethical, environmental choice

The fur industry is highly regulated to ensure humane management of animal populations. In fact, ethical hunters and trappers are key to healthy wildlife and ecosystems, helping to prevent overpopulation and aware of early warning signs that a species is in trouble. Your purchase helps support this system. So, besides coming from a renewable, natural resource, the durability and luxury of real wild fur clothing and products mean they are a wise and ethical investment.


Fashionable fur

Every year, fur is incorporated into cutting edge fashion around the world. Those on the forefront of innovation and design look for new ways to use this material in many different, and sometimes surprising, ways. We also find inspiration from these trends and look for new techniques and ways to use our quality real fur to make clothing and décor you will love to have as part of your life and fashion statement.


Fur gloves
Fur blankets

Hand-crafted and unique

No two pieces of fur or hide are the same and so it is no surprise to find that every single one of our creations is unique too. Each item we make is crafted by hand and with manufacturing techniques that enhance the distinct differences and characteristics of the pelts that are used. You will always get a one-of-a-kind, quality product from FurWest.



I am so pleased not only with this beautiful smoke tan moose hide jacket, but everything else we’ve purchased from you. They are all unique pieces of elegance! I look forward to watching this jacket age in character.

Dr. G. Leidel, FL.

WOW, this is beautiful I am amazed! (Custom made Ladies Fisher Coat)

R. Carlisle, LA.

My mitts way exceeded what I expected, they are perfect. (Custom smoke tan moose hide mitts)

J. Osmulski, NJ.